Captain Tsubasa 2018 review, new generation ANIME (remake), cool art work which looks like original ver.

A very popular Japanese ANIME ‘Captain Tsubasa’ returns with a new series as ‘Captain Tsubasa 2018’ !

This article shows the new Captain Tsubasa’s series with detailed information and art work. Here are some nice images posted on this blog.

Currently, Captain Tsubasa ANIME is celebrating it’s the 35th anniversary since it’s creation, and it had been remade 4 times for TV ANIME.

Many people around the world have been captivated by this drama.

I have loved “Captain Tsubasa” since 1980s(the year it was originally created),and look back with fond memories.

日本語版の記事はこちら。(In Japanese articel is below.)

4年に一度、ワールドカップの年になると盛り上がる「キャプテン翼」。 2018年版として、アニメ「キャプテン翼2018」がリメイクされま...

‘Captain Tsubasa 2018’ is high-quality and great art work.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 OP

Captain Tsubasa 2018 OP

Captain Tsubasa has born in 1981, and its ANIME had became network since 1983.

After that, it have been remade 4 time as TV ANIME, and in 2018 a new series ‘Captain Tsubasa 2018’ is released.

How can I watch ‘Captain Tsubasa 2018’ ?

It network from only Japanese channel (TV tokyo etc.) or from internet delivery like niconico channel, U-NEXT, dTV and other.

This is link but probably is only for japanese network enviroment.

I search how to watch above service from other country, and fount it.

Via some VPN (like ‘SEKAI VPN‘), you can watch above internet delivery service from other country.

Let’s try it.(below banner is SEKAI VPN, sorry written in japanese only.)

Appealing point of Captain Tsubasa 2018

In 2018 ver, Captain Tsubasa ANIME has both of beautiful art work and modern CG.

Especially, it is cool that the art work looks loke original MANGA picture is used in impressive scene.(like make the kick)

Captain Tsubasa 2018: Kojiro Hyuga

Captain Tsubasa 2018: Kojiro Hyuga

In this article, I will show you great art work in Captain Tsubasa 2018, and tell you what I think interesting, for example, staging going along current age, expression on match.

Beautiful art work which looks like original MANGA.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 beautiful picture

Captain Tsubasa 2018 beautiful picture

New Captain Tsubasa ANIME capture audience in their beautiful illustration which full remade.

In 2000s, same title remade as ‘Captain Tsubasa J’, but that is different with original picture especially on character face.

Judge in that light, Captain Tsubasa 2018 is pictured faithfully with original MANGA character.

It’s pleasure for audience and fan of original MANGA.

Picture of Captain Tsubasa 2018 Character

This version is seems to be careful about drawing character appearance.

I will show you some of picture about popular characters.

Tsubasa Ozora

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Tsubasa Ozora

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Tsubasa Ozora

“A soccer ball is my friend”, Tsubasa Ozora.

He is drawn in original MANGA as open his mouth at all times, so he looked like a little stupid (sorry).

But in this ver(2018),he looks like somewhat smart XD.

Taro Misaki

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Taro Misaki

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Taro Misaki

Misaki is idol for everyone.

For no special reason, only he is given a picure with shine brilliantly.

Every character’s voice changed from original ANIME, but his new voice cause no strangeness.

Kojiro Hyuga

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Kojiro Hyuga

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Kojiro Hyuga

Kojiro Hyuga is most of important character, no one to talk about Captain Tsubasa without him.

A lot of audience has been connected emotionally to him as average class (or poor class).

He has made a great effort for his family, life, and to play soccer continuously.

His picture is often so carefully, because I think there is fan of him in creative staffs.

Genzo Wakabayashi

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Genzo Wakabayashi

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Genzo Wakabayashi


Genzo Wakabayashi is called as SGGK (means Super Great Goal Keeper).

By the way, his cap’s design is often changed until now version, it seems that there is matter of copy right.

I remember that original design of his cap is adidas.

As usual, he is drawn as preppy and has much pride.

Ryo Ishizaki and member of Nankatsu SC

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Ryo Ishizaki and Nankatsu SC members

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Ryo Ishizaki and Nankatsu SC members

Ryo Ishizaki and member of Nankatsu SC, they are drawn as average kids.

With story goes on, a lot of strong character come in, it is sight to be seen how many Nankatsu SC player can remain as regular member.

Robert Hongo

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Robert Hongo

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Robert Hongo

Robert Hongo is former international soccer player of Brazil.

He draw beautifully too. In past version, I think he was drawn more beat-up.

Beautiful drawing in detail of stadium

Scene of stadium is drawing carefully, Stand, audience,and blue sky or cloud.

It’s really beautiful.

But in action scene, It’s drawn by straight effective line (usually used in MANGA), and colored like handwriting.

It’s great technique to use both of detail background and artificial MANGA drawing.

The scene of shot has a tremendous impact.

The shot of ball is burn out with CG, and point of player on the ground is drawn by  bright circle.(it is used by modern soccer hook-up in TV)

I think it show signs of age…amazing.

Modern staging of soccer match.

Already I told you a little in above chapter, in Captain Tsubasa 2018, there is some scene drawn by modern staging.

When match is start, There is staging of introduction of starting member. It is often used by official soccer match.

(In above picture, the card of introduction of player is appeared.)

It show signs of age…sooo amazing.

There is not on original ANIME. (in 1980s)

Additionally, this is picture when Wakabayashi say ‘please show me the information of Shimada elementary school soccer team! ‘

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Wakabayashi uses tablet.

Captain Tsubasa 2018:Wakabayashi uses tablet.

It’s a tablet…! Wow just like 2010s.

I have been Captain Tsubasa fan since 1980s and so affected it XD.

At that, this is Misaki’s smartphone.

Captain Tsubasa 2018: Misaki's smartphone.

Captain Tsubasa 2018: Misaki’s smartphone.

On the smartphone screen, “From Matsuyama( Furano elementary school)”

Misaki is talking with Matsuyama(his old friend) in line (App) and e-mail.

Misaki move his home frequently, so he often leave a relationship with his friends.

One of his old friend is Matsuyama lives in Hokkaido (very far from Shizuoka in Misaki’s current home).

In age of original ANIME created (in 1980s), there is no smartphone and no App to talk with far friends. It’s only real mail.

But modern age, he talk with his far friend by line App and e-mail, and send a photo of Mt,Fuji.(now Misaki live a town near Mt.Fuji)

Its really signs of age…soooo amazing 🙂

Captain Tsubasa traditional Song “Moete Hero (means burning hero)” sing by some character

“Moete Hero(means burning hero)” is traditional song of Captain Tsubasa ANIME.

In this ver, same song is ending song.

And, frequent major character sing it, Hyuga, Wakabayashi, Sanae, and other.

Some of them is not good for singing, but it’s interesting.

Timeless story of Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa 2018’s story is faithful with original MANGA.

It’s timeless even over 35 years after.

I will write what I feel when I watch Captain Tsubasa 2018.

Be expressed feud between proprietary school ‘Shutetsu’ and public school ‘Nankatsu’

In Captain Tsubasa story, it is expressed feud between preprietary school and public school.

I think this is universal matter.

Tsubasa is central character,he is student of public elementary school ‘Nankatsu’, and his rival Wakabayashi is student of proprietary school ‘Shutetsu’.

2 school’s soccer team contest every time, to claim public practice area for their training.

And Nankatsu public school lose all time,because of weak of their position or power.

A hero Tsubasa help public school(his move-in) with his ability of playing soccer.

This story is captured of world wide people’s heart.

By the way, Yoichi Takahashi the author of Captain Tsubasa wrote this story in age of without J-leage.

I really felt it’s so great work.

The poor person can enter proprietary school with ability of playing soccer.

The story of make one’s dream is all of the time written in Captain Tsubasa authored by Yoichi Takahashi.

The most typical story of that is Kojiro Hyuga and his soccer life.

Hyuga’s family is so poor because of his father died and he has 3 brothers and sisters.

So Hyuga works part-time everyday from early morning, and keep all house, even as he is little student of elementary school.

His word of wisdom is that “I’m OK if I can play soccer.”

After that, he can entered in proprietary junior high school ‘Toho junior high school’ as bit-time soccer school.

If you are poor, you can play soccer, you can get on.

His story tell us.

I feel that Captain Tsubasa is great story, even in early chapter as elementary school, they tell us so important things of life like that.

I wrote introduction of Captain Tsubasa 2018 and what I felt with this title.

If you can, let watch it great ANIME around of the world.